Over 20 years ago author, Scott Alexander, authored a book titled Rhinoceros Success. In the book, he focused on two groups of individuals, which includes the fearful and the strong. He relates these two groups to a cow and a rhinoceros.


On Earth, a cow and a rhinoceros are quite different. Cows are lazy. They typically graze in the pasture with other cows and live frightened to take a chance at success. Cows feel that success only comes to those who are lucky and that they are not cut out to be successful. Many live out their lives scared, having no idea what the world has to offer. Cows will avoid challenges and risks at all costs.


The Rhinoceros will take charge of any situation. Determined and unstoppable, they take massive action towards accomplishing their dreams and goals. Such a thick-skinned animal rejects negativity. The rhinoceros will only move forward, unable to back down. They understand very clearly that success is there for the taking if one brings the right training, mindset and work ethic.


The foundation of Rhino Employee Benefits was influenced by Rhinoceros Success.